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Why is Content Marketing so important?

Just like having a website, Search Engine Optimization in and of itself is not enough to get you listed at the top of a Google search page. It must be supported in ways that Google deems best. And Google most favors websites that are updated often with original, fresh content.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing – in its basic form – is outbound marketing to your customers through current industry related insight and information via articles and blogs published on your site. At a higher level, expert content marketing involves research, fact-checking, relevance and engaging writing published on a regular basis that:

  1. helps increase your Google page rankings
  2. keeps a site visitor on your site longer
  3. converts a site visitor into a “follower”, a “follower” into a lead, and a lead into a loyal customer
  4. attracts media attention

Why does a Landscaping Company need Content Marketing?

In addition to enable you to comply to with Google’s frequent content posting requirements, LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Content marketing services also allow you to brand your company and/or yourself as a leading subject matter expert while cultivating a more personalized relationship with your customers, prospects and readers –including the media.

Your published content shows that you know the issues, the questions, and concerns that customers and prospects have about the latest products, research, trends or tried and true methods and that you understand their needs, confusion and frustrations.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Content Marketing services?

Expertise is the new experience. While it matters how long you’ve been in business, how much you know about your business is even more important for retaining your current customers and securing new ones.  With online searches being the # 1 method for seeking service providers, published online content is a necessary tool for driving prospective customers to your site, then showing them what you know, how much you know, and how and why this information is relevant to their landscaping needs.

LandscapeMarketing.Company’s specialization in the Landscaping industry offers its landscaping clients an additional level of expertise in the industry and marketplace; expertise that we pass on to your prospects through the articles and blogs we write and publish for you.

We allow you to show your prospects and customers that your company possesses and  is willing to share insight and information upfront as a means of introducing yourself and letting them get to know you before providing their contact information or paying a “consultation” fee.

By creating and publishing professionally written, original, relevant content on your site on a regular basis (weekly/bi-monthly), LandscapeMarketing.Company’s content marketing support your other marketing initiatives and help you capture and convert more leads by establishing yourself and your company as a credible, contemporary industry leader and expert.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Content Marketing services?

Yes! The media also uses Google.  Consequently, an added benefit of content marketing is in its reach beyond the consumer market and into the media – print, online, social, and trade.   High quality, original content on topical subjects gets searched, discovered, shared, and cited. This type of earned media is invaluable to a company and it can only be captured through timely, high quality content published on your platforms – this is the type of content LandscapeMarketing.Company creates and publishes for you while you’re focusing on your business and customers.

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