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We Start by Listening

We find that no two clients are the same and every landscaping company has different objectives, schedules and budgets. In order to increase the value of our services, we need to learn what your marketing goals are. For example, is your target audience local or nationwide? Are you currently involved in any other marketing campaigns?  Who is your biggest competitor?

Landscape Marketing Consultation

Landscape Marketing Strategy

Determine Your Growth Strategy

Next, we evaluate your current online presence and potential growth opportunities.

This will include examining your current website.  A car can use the highest quality oil but if it is missing crucial parts the vehicle will not run properly.   We take this same approach when reviewing your site – making sure it was built using the best white hat SEO techniques.

We also research your competitors and decide which keyphrases to target for your upcoming SEO campaign. This can be done by using a software that compares your desired keywords to search history and Google trends.

Implement a Plan and Track Results

It is important to understand that when we implement a marketing plan it is not executed using a “set and forget”  mentality.

Social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimization will work together as a synergy – each technique affecting the others.  And these marketing techniques must be applied on an ongoing basis.

We regularly track your results by monitoring the amount of increased traffic and conversion rate.  Overall traffic being the total amount of website visitors and conversion rate being the total amount of people that took some type of action, such as making a purchase or subscribing to your email list.

Landscape Marketing Process


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