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What is so important about Lead Generation?

Let’s face it – we all know the best measure of how well your business is doing is how often your phone is ringing with potential new customers calling to talk to you about the landscaping services they need.

Those potential new customers are leads – “warm,” qualified leads who are interested in what your company has to offer and are just a conversation away from becoming a new customer.  Second only to satisfied, repeat customers and referrals, leads that come to you are the best indicator of how well your business is doing and how on track you are for future growth and profit.

What is Lead Generation?

In effect, professional lead generation is a service that attracts, qualifies and supplies you with prospects (leads) that are looking for landscaping services in your area and have expressed an interest in hearing more about your company.

Why does a Landscaping Company need to focus on Lead Generation?

Every service provider – especially those who are based in competitive local markets – can’t stay in business without a continuous flow of leads.  This is particularly true for Landscaping companies. You’re in a service business that crosses the entire spectrum – from large franchises to individuals trying to create a summer job for themselves.

Without leads, you’ll have to spend (i.e. lose) a significant portion of your time “pounding the pavement” or “smiling and dialing” seeking out new customers. Granted, a Landscaping company can certainly generate  some interest through these methods, but every hour spent (wasted) getting ignored or turned away is costing you money – much more money than you would spend having those leads professionally generated online for you.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Lead Generation services?

Our approach to online lead generation is commonly referred to as “pay per lead” – these leads cost pennies in comparison to the cost of any other type of marketing and advertising. When you have our lead generation service incorporated into your online marketing strategy, your “funnel” remains full and qualified leads continuously flow.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Lead Generation services?

Yes!  Our specialization in providing marketing services for Landscaping companies provides us with the insight to create the type of online interactions needed to produce results.

We understand how and why strategic lead generation is the most cost-effective pathway to converting:

  1. Strangers (first time website visitors) into Prospects (visitors who express a need for the type of Landscaping services you provide)
  2. Prospects into Leads (prospects who have expressed interest in your company)
  3. Leads into Customers (leads who feel assured that your company will provide exactly what they need and want at an acceptable price).

We apply our insight and expertise to every Landscaping client we serve and we’re available to do the same for you!

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