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Why are Local Listings so important?

Do you remember the day when a business’ primary point of access was the Yellow pages? Back then, the term “local listings” was a given. Every business was local.  And if you weren’t listed in the “phone book”, you weren’t really in business.

Today, there are a hundred different ways for businesses, especially locally based Landscaping companies, to be “listed” online – and it’s critical that your Landscaping company is not only listed on most or all of  them, but is also listed accurately on those that are most searched and relied upon.

In effect, your Local listings are critical for reaching more prospects and have an important effect on your page rankings (see our SEO services for why that is important).

What are Local Listings?

From a local search engine perspective, especially Google’s, Local listings are a factor used to determine your page rankings. This “factor” is defined as a business’ “citation” in an online directory.

So, when potential customers conduct a local search for “Landscaping services in my area”, they will be drawn to a local directory such as Yelp or Google+, which lists “citations” of all the businesses in that locality.  A citation is the specific contact information for your company – name, address, and phone number.

And, just like the good old Yellow pages, if your business is not listed in the online local listing directory a prospect views, you don’t exist.

Why does a Landscaping Company need to focus on Local Listings?

Your business needs to take advantage of every possible opportunity to be seen, introduced, and discovered. Accurate, consistent presence in every Local listing is your most immediate avenue for ensuring you are.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Local Listings services?

You may never have submitted any data to a particular local online directory, but your company could be there – and the information could be wrong, or inconsistent with how it is listed somewhere else.

LandscapeMarketing.Company does not want your business to be ruled out of prominence with any search engine, especially Google. But it will if your listing is incomplete, inaccurate, or nonexistent.

If Google doesn’t “compute” that your company is a reliable resource for someone interested in specific information, your company will not come up in search results.  We can make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Local Listings services?

Yes!  We know that businesses with many citations in multiple directories are given preference over those businesses that hardly have any presence at all. And, even then, being there isn’t enough.  We offer our Local Listing services to make sure your company is present on all of the online local directories that matter and that your citations are accurate, credible, and consistent.

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