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Why is Reputation Management so important?

Ask any Landscaping company what their most important asset is and they will say their reputation. Agree?

No one can argue that the most secure path to a successful, ever-growing Landscaping services business is by providing quality work at fair prices that translates to satisfied customers who give good reviews – in person via conversations with their neighbors, family, and friends and online via website comments and social media posts.

While this is something you work very hard to achieve, you can’t always control the negative comments a customer may make. But, when one of those negative comments ends up online – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, or any other major platform, you can help prevent it from further harming your company’s reputation.

And this should be of utmost importance to you.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation Management is the integration and application of specific internet tools to accomplish three functions:

  1. To assess your current online reputation
  2. To mitigate or eliminate any negative comments
  3. To manage your online visibility, and the tone and impression of your online content (website, blogs, and social media) in order to project your company’s image in a positive light

The ultimate goal of Reputation Management is for your company’s presence to prevail whenever a relevant search is conducted.  For example, a prospective residential customer is looking for a landscaping company in his area that installs sprinkler systems.  When he conducts a Google search for “sprinkler systems services near me”, if Reputation Management has been part of your online marketing strategy, your company could appear multiple times on the first 2-3 Google pages.  By owning that position, your company owns the positive first impression this person will have of your company, your services, and your image (see our SEO Services for more on this).   And make him more likely to contact you first.

Why does a Landscaping Company need to focus on Reputation Management?

The Landscaping business is competitive and without continuous referrals and positive reviews from customers, it can be very difficult to grow – or even stay in business.

If you agree that a good reputation is your Landscaping company’s most important asset, then you must also agree that managing and cultivating a positive online reputation – across all internet platforms – is your most important internet marketing strategy.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Reputation Management services?

It doesn’t take much for a customer or prospective customer to find a reason not to do business with you. One negative review on Yelp can turn away many people who otherwise may have been considering contacting you for a quote or more information.

On the other hand, when LandscapeMarketing.Company incorporates its Reputation Management skills and savvy into your internet marketing campaign, positive reviews will begin to outnumber any negative reviews. Casual browsers become more engaged and begin to feel that they should be doing with business with you.

This is the core of Reputation Management. When your website and your social media presence are punctuated by authentic, positive reviews and comments, you’ll have more qualified “warm” leads, which will convert to more customers.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Reputation Management services?

Yes! LandscapeMarketing.Company believes that a Landscaping business would rather control the conversation about itself rather than react to it in a defensive position.  Don’t you agree?

As you’ve gathered, your internet marketing success is most impacted by how many and what kind of positive reviews your company gets. LandscapeMarketing.Company focuses on getting your company positive reviews, but not by making them up. We know how to create “fans” out of satisfied customers who willingly give businesses positive reviews and we help you do that with your customers.

Furthermore, because LandscapeMarketing.Company works exclusively with Landscaping companies, we thoroughly understand the issues that are specific to your business, and the situations that are specific to your customers and markets. Our specialized insight lends us a leg up on other internet marketing service providers and gives our Landscaping company clients an even greater advantage – this is especially true with Reputation Management.

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