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Why is SEM important?

If you’ve visited our site to learn more about if or how our internet marketing services could assist you in growing your Landscaping business, you’re already on your way. It has been reported that businesses that fully utilize the internet as their primary medium for promotion, advertising, and marketing are on track to grow 40% more than those that don’t.

SEM can be a major catalyst in businesses experiencing this level of explosive growth.

What is SEM?

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) takes a more aggressive approach to search engine optimization (see our SEO services) by increasing the online visibility of your website primarily through paid advertising.  

A simplified explanation is that SEM is SEO plus “pay per click” (PPC) advertising.  This means that you place ads on selected sites that cater to your potential markets and customers, and every time a site visitor clicks on your ad to learn more or to be redirected to your site, you pay a fee.

Why does a Landscaping Company need to focus on SEM?

It’s all about search results, right? If you have a website, you’re counting on it to provide you with leads and prospects. And, if your site includes internet marketing strategies such as Content marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing, it will.

However, if you have an advertising budget and are dissatisfied with – or want to increase – your results from print, radio, direct mail, or television ads, SEM (PPC) can be a way for your advertising costs to convert to profit, as opposed to an expense.

Unlike Content Marketing, SEO, Lead Generation and our other services detailed on this site, SEM does not need to be the focus of your internet marketing campaign unless you want to accelerate your online visibility – perhaps to spotlight a particular promotion or seasonal service, such as spring or fall clean up.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s SEM services?

Pay per click advertising requires expertise – to be effective it must be managed by professionals with expertise in the technology, mediums, platforms, and ideally, the marketplace.  We have all of these capabilities.  There are other companies that offer SEO and SEM, but we offer it specifically to Landscaping companies because we have specialized in your industry.

We understand what’s involved in making sure the clicks you pay for aren’t wasted.  We are well aware of the type of “traffic” that your ad needs to navigate in order to capture the attention of those who could become your customers.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s SEM services?

Yes!  This is not a service we offer to any client who thinks it might be the way to go. We first have to make sure we will be able to deliver a good return for you on your investment. We are best able to make this determination based upon the extent of your current internet marketing efforts. This is why, in many cases, it may benefit you to first utilize our Consulting services before committing to a PPC/SEM campaign.

However, if you have an ad budget in place and a solid foundation of SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media marketing, Local Listings, and/or Lead Generation, we would be happy to discuss enhancing your internet marketing with SEM.

If we agree to conduct SEM services for you, we will do so with a commitment to not only create and launch a pay per click ad campaign, we will also monitor results and assess your prospects’ behaviors.  We’ll continue to assess, measure, and adjust as trends and behaviors indicate. In effect, we collaborate with you to make sure our efforts are aligned with your objectives, which is shown through your continuous results.

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