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Why is SEO so important?

SEO is the most important element of your online marketing strategy because it makes it easier for prospects and new customers to find you online. Today, your website is not complete unless you have included SEO!

Twenty years ago, being on the internet was enough, but that’s over.   Ten years ago, SEO was a competitive enhancement – but that is also over. Now, it is critical for every website or online business to make sure its content is regularly “optimized” so it ranks in a top spot whenever a related, “keyword” search is conducted.

If your potential customers don’t see you, how will they ever know you exist, visit your site, or contact you for more information?

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is a specialization of web designers, developers, and hosts that is conducted after your initial web page content has been drafted. Through a technical process of matching keywords (words relevant to your business, services or message), customizing the content, and inputting “tags”, your web page content becomes “supercharged”  (i.e. optimized) to go to work for you on the internet. Now, your page content will attract Google and other search engines (see our Content Marketing Services for more on this) and draw people to you when they use particular words and phrases in their online web searches for your service product or company.

Why does a Landscaping company need SEO?

The Landscaping industry – even locally – is pretty competitive, isn’t it?  If a potential lead conducts an internet search for “shrub trimming services near me”, wouldn’t it be best if your company jumped out at them? Of course it would!

This doesn’t just happen!  SEO is a technical strategy – implied while your content is being written and applied after your content has been finalized and is ready to publish. And, just like your site hosting, it must be consistently maintained, monitored, and updated.

Why utilize Landscape Marketing.Company’s SEO services?

It’s all about algorithms and staying current, creative and committed. We have stayed current with SEO since SEO became a fundamental component for winning the internet marketing game.

Without getting over-technical, effective SEO is more than just going through the motions.  It requires: investigation of your competitors – and where they rank; analysis of all relevant keywords; audits of your web pages; linking and back-linking. And that’s just the basics.  We’ve been engaged in SEO since the advent of e-commerce and internet marketing. We understand it, we respect it and we know the impact professional SEO has on driving traffic to your site.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Company’s SEO services?

Yes! Not only do we see, know, and implement SEO tools that you, as a business owner, aren’t expected to, we stay current with all changes, modifications, or new “tactics” as they happen. But, we don’t tinker. Our experience and expertise ensures we understand and analyze the latest trends and techniques before we apply them. This is how we help assure optimum effectiveness.

What worked brilliantly ten years ago, even five years ago, no longer applies.  And what works best today may be replaced in a year or two. We know that and we know how to make sure every one of our SEO clients’ sites is adapted to the most recent changes that Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine will inevitably make.

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