The Top 10 Reasons Your Competition is Getting More Leads than you!

What are the leading Landscaping Companies in your markets doing that you are not?

Let’s face it! If you’re in the Landscaping business, you’re in a very competitive field. In 2015, it was reported that in the US, there are over 466,000 commercial and residential landscaping services or companies vying for their share of the market.

From the neighborhood single location businesses to the national franchises, landscaping is in demand, continuously evolving, and very, very competitive. In July of 2015, the IBIS world market report stated the landscape services industry had annual revenues of $76 billion with an annual growth of 3.4%. The average company, according to the Lawn and Landscape survey conducted, has 15 year-round employees, grosses $1 million in annual revenue and has a 10% net profit margin.

Where do you fall in those statistics? If you’re above them, you’re either very savvy, very well established, or very lucky. In any case, if you’re doing better than average, you’re most likely doing what your competition hasn’t yet figured out.

If you’re below the average statistics, or if you are not reaching your annual growth goals, it’s most likely because your marketing plan is not focused enough on our 10 strategies listed in our SECRET REPORT that your competition keeps their eyes on every day.

The good news is that the Landscaping industry is “very healthy” and on track for continued growth. How much of your existing business are you going to keep and how much of the forecast’s new business are you going to get?

Over the course of the next year, if your competition keeps getting more leads that convert to more sales than you get, it’s because they’ve made it important to make sure their marketing plan is committed to our 10 Landscape marketing strategies listed in our SECRET REPORT.