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Why is Social Media marketing so important?

Remember when belonging to networking groups just meant going to breakfast or lunch meetings once a month?

Remember when networking involved physically shaking hands, introducing yourself and your company to new prospects and having a conversation?

Even though this kind of networking is still effective, there’s a new dimension to networking that is not only effective – it’s mandatory!

It’s called Social Media marketing and if your Landscaping company doesn’t have a presence on all of the social networks, your company, product, and brand is severely limiting your exposure, and leaving a lot of leads on the table for your competition to grab.

What is Social Media marketing?

First, the basics: Social media refers to all of the interactive sites that provide socializing and networking as their primary function. This includes all types and styles of “socializing” – both personally and professionally; for example, quick thoughts, opinions or updates (Twitter); photos, videos, “personal journal entries”, news, announcements, events, group conversations (Facebook);   professional networking (LinkedIn).

There are many other social media networks than those listed above, but the primary, most popular and productive ones (in addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) are Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Social Media marketing is a tactical marketing strategy that ensures you and your company, service, or product are engaged, exposed, and present everywhere throughout the worldwide internet community. Even if you’re a local business or service provider – it’s important to project a more “global” presence.

Why does a Landscaping Company need to focus on Social Media?

Just as SEO and Content Marketing are critical for your online effectiveness, (please read more about these on this site) so too is Social Media.  In fact, the three are closely related and should be an integrated marketing strategy of every Landscaping company’s internet marketing strategies.

Landscaping services and companies benefit significantly through social media because it can be the best online forum for “handing you” a fresh new lead that is almost converted before you’ve even had a conversation.

Think about this:  A woman in your service area is on Facebook, looking at photos of her new grandchild. She sees that another friend just posted a photo of his new patio and raved about what a great brick paving job “123 Landscaping” did for him – at a great price!  Now, if that grandmother is also looking into renovating her patio, who do you think she’s going to call first?

These things happen – frequently – for all types of home improvement/repair companies – especially Landscapers –   when they have included Social Media marketing into their internet marketing plan.

Why utilize LandscapeMarketing.Company’s Social Media services?

LandscapeMarketing.Company dialed into social media marketing right at its beginning – long before it exploded. Recognizing the opportunities it lends to businesses and service providers, we go farther than the basic stuff that anyone can do on their own. You can certainly post a comment or a photo about a recent job, but do you have the time, experience, and expertise to create a viral marketing campaign, launch and manage a social media advertising campaign, increase your followers and pull traffic from one social media site to another?

We do! And we know how it can impact your Landscaping business.

Are there any other benefits to LandscapeMarketing.Companys ’s Social Media services?

Yes. We know how to make Social media marketing enhance SEO efforts. Furthermore, while Social Media marketing, Content marketing, and SEO are very effective individually, LandscapeMarketing.Company specializes in coordinating all three so they work with and for each other.

For example, did you know that millions of people use social media as a search engine? If a Landscaping company is not in the social media search engines, a significant percentage of their potential customers will never know they exist. LandscapingMarketing.Company’s Social Media marketing services enhance your social media presence – and search engine results – which helps drive more targeted leads directly to you.

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